Do You Know ?

Carl Cox was the only DJ / Producer / Sound Engineer who flew between time zones to celebrate new year twice and played a set during the millennium celebration 1999/2000.

Scope in the industry

The point is that DJing is not production, whatever the latest box of tricks from yet another DJ gear or a software manufacturer might imply. The skills are very different. DJing involves timing, and the ability to read a crowd, and the ability to react to outside influences to make big, bold strokes with your music to take people where they weren’t expecting. It’s immediate and exhilarating.

Likewise, production is not DJing.  With production, you spend hours, days, and weeks getting the littlest things just-so. It’s intense but in a different way. Good producers have a different skill set to good DJs, and just because you’re good at making music, doesn’t mean you’ll be good at playing that music in order to give people a dance floor experience they’ll remember.

Hence having a combination of DJ set skills and production skills are very handy.

Rather than killing the art of DJing, production is simply a natural skill that talented and committed DJs can add to what they do. In this way, DJ/producers are mastering two different but complementary disciplines, which support each other, someone’s DJing may get them production offers, and their productions may get them DJing offers.

Scope in the industry

There are many options for those who hold a producer/audio engineering position. Work for television production and post-production companies on TV shows, commercials, and news casts. Another intriguing perk for producers/engineers is the ability to work with studio recording artists, providing the best possible sound for the projects. Producers/engineers make proper level adjustments and offer technical solutions to make the sound top-notch. Likewise, engineers provide sound effects for theaters; composers and directors hire audio producers / engineers to assist with the technical aspects of setting up musical workstations, finding unique sounds for a specific project, and mixing and adjusting the final output for optimal sound quality.