Prosonic Education


Jam rooms are the coal chambers where future Musicians are forged.

And we at Prosonic Education have designed our jam spaces specifically designed for performances, creating an ideal tracking environment and plenty of space to spread out and feel comfortable.


Having the best gears at disposal makes it even better to have a brilliant Jam Session. And the experience just gets better from the best of gears from Zildjian, Fender, Line 6, Samson, Yamaha, Shure and more.


A perfect take is always a hard one to cut, but with enhanced room acoustics you no longer have to rely on post processing and waste time anymore. Let it be a rehearsal session, a simple jam or a take you are seeking to cut out, Beat Sensation Jam Room is a jam room-cum-recording studio that allows you to carry out background composition, dubbing and recording. What makes the jam room special is the fact that it is actually a live room, which has been acoustically treated and made sound proof, so that you get the same experience as performing live.


Music is an important thing that millions find enjoyment in.Most music is made in a diverse situation. Aiding to this at Prosonic Education we introduce a concept of “music sense” .

Unlike the mainstream or the commercial music that we hear normally, this is a platform for anyone let it be a instrumentalist or a vocalist or may be the one who is just enthralled by the fascinating world of music and musicians. One could just connect, create and produce a piece of music with others variating the ideas and ideology is a fun thing to do. Talent exchange is an initiative by Prosonic Education to have global music accepted and relished.