Founded in February 2009.


Since our inception, Our objective was to create an ecospace for everyone to explore their passion and creativity in music, We have produced a plethora of successful Certified Artists across India making us one of the best training academies in Electronic Music Production, Audio Engineering & Disc Jockey.

Our State-of-the-Art set-up and globally qualified Trainers give an extra mileage to our students in terms of learning and developing a versatile skill set.

Industry Connect:

Diversifying within the industry and enhancing the exposure to our students in various formats of the music and audio solutions has always been our focus. Venturing out to commercial recording solutions has also been a great part of success in uplifting our student’s motivational aspects and their levels of expertise, Whether it’s about DJs, Music Producers / Composers, Sound Engineers, Live Musicians or even a Bands of various genres.


Awarded as “The Leading Training Academy” in Electronic Music Production & Audio  Engineering – APS Research and Media 2017

We are proud to announce that we are the only Pro DJ & Electronic Music Academy in India which is affiliated and accredited by the ‘International Accreditation Organization’, the USA on Global Quality Assurance Aspects. The affiliation lets us offer International Certification programs which assure that the degree & credits will be accepted around the world, Should you decide to study or work abroad.

Affiliates & Partnerships:

PROSONIC Edu has partnered with AVID, Soonvibes (France) & REGENERATE Music which are the biggest arena for all budding producers and provides huge opportunities to collaborate with other artists and also have a platform to display their content to the Record Labels in the likes of Universal Music Group, Armada, Warner Music Group, Protocol, Hotmix Radio, DJ Pod, and many more from around the globe.


Why Choose Us ?

Amazing place, really good teachers and well honestly.. If you want to start out on your dream.. I would definitely recommend this place 🙂 Beats sensation is my home and honestly best academy in Bangalore.. 😀


What People Say ?

Beats sensation is the place in Bangalore were one can get shaped up with the musical knowledge.The best place to learn about music both technically and theoretically. I have learnt a lot from the teachers from the academy and they are ready to help the students to shape up the carrier.Teaching is done professionally in such a way that the students are being motivated to give their best while learning and practicing.The best part is you`ll get an individual session were you can spend time with music and explore more about it.Individual labs are given for practicing. So I think beats sensation is the place were I found the musical vibe.


What People Say ?

Amazing step by step learning and the art of set building. Ample amount of practice time to get hold of the different functions to work upon. Loved the experience here and looking forward for even better days ahead with greater opportunities coming its way.


Why Choose Us ?

Its one of its own type institute which focuses on learning and development of its students. Loved learning here and thanks a ton to the management


Why Choose Us ?

The best academy in Bangalore to learn the art of DJing, Electronic Music Production and Sound Engineering. Students not only get to learn, the management or instructors are completely involved in helping every student enhance their skills, understand the industry and provide them with career counseling, artist management etc. Which I guess no other academy does. Overall I had a very great experience in learning and I have found my way to achieve all the success I need through Beats Sensation


What People Say ?

It has been a great experience at Beats Sensation.I really the level equipments which are available for to practice on.Like Denon ,NX auido 700 and the Pioneer CDJ900 .Also for each session there is an individual trainer who is there by your side to guide you at all times. As far as i know this the only place where you could be certified at the end of the course. The course structure is brilliant which focuses on both practical and theoretical aspects . Great Going!!!!

Erakdaw Boro

What People Say ?

Im so greatfull to be the part of beats sensation … great place to learn

Hiro Himada

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